The Bangkok Spiritual Insights


In this “Spirits of Bangkok” Experience, I invite you to understand the spiritual essence of Thais which is a unique combination of Buddhist, Chinese and Hindu beliefs with the visits at the city’s most respected temples and shrines, walk the exotic amulet markets and the sacred fortune teller.

Providing on the Trip

  • Drinks
  • Water & Cold Towel
  • Transportation
  • Local Transportation: Including Boat Tickets, BTS Sky Train Pass
What to bring
  • Hat & Sunscreen, Comfortable Walking Shoes
  • Important: Wearing clothes that cover your shoulders and knees since we will be in several religious sites.  Please see the dress code (
  • Curiosity, respect & sense of discovery!!
  • Water Bottle (Water will be provided but we encourage the reduction of plastic use)


  • We will first visit the temple where you will meet an English-speaking monk who has practised and mastered the techniques of Vipassana Mediation system based on four foundations of mindfulness. If time permits, we will practice meditation in his class.
  • We will take a short walk to the exotic century-old amulet market, where you can see strange statuary, antique swords, and various magic talismans.
  • Take a boat ride to see life along the Chopraya river and understand how the river plays a crucial spiritual role in Thai society.
  • Then we will take a BTS sky train ride to visit the Erawan shrine to honour the four-faced Brahma God.
  • Lastly, we will stop at a secret royal temple and observe the local Buddhists practice traditional rituals in white attires.


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