Master Pieces of Thai Contemporary Arts @MOCA



Visit Thailand’s biggest and most comprehensive collection of modern paintings and sculptures: from the classically inspired works that redefine the country’s religious & political trajectory to the transcended, surrealist pieces from the most renowned and respected artists.

In this tour, you will be led by an art historian through over 20,000 square meters, 5 floors of art spaces that house over 800 pieces of masters’ works in the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) – showcasing the development of Thai fine arts since the introduction of modern western concepts. The tour leader will give you an overview of the history, developments, stories and meanings behind the masterpieces.

A must for any lover of art and an exceptional opportunity for travelers who are interested in local culture and contemporary history. The tour provides a unique insight into Thai people’s distinct way of life, which is deeply rooted in Buddhist-Hindu belief and local traditions.

Pick Up and Drop Off From Hotel Down Town BangkokĀ  – 1400 THB


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